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"Your Way"


" Your way" tells the story of Fridrik Agni and Anna Claessen who have traveled, studied and worked around the world, including in LA, Milan, Stockholm, Vienna,  Dubai and Australia and how they approach life and dance . They create their own opportunities in life. 
Why fit in when you were born to stand out.

These lectures are about how to create your own path and make your dreams come true.

​ "From Burnout to Balance"


"Using AI to ease stress " Anna Claessen burnout coach tells us ways to use modern technology to deal with stress and burnout.

Claessen suffered from Burnout in 2019 
and her path to recovery led her to all kinds of tools she wants to share. Hypnosis, sound healing, dance, exercises, yoga, yoga nidra, supplements, etc. She created an online seminar to help others and does so with personal training and coaching as well.


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