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About Happy Studio


Happy Studio are friends Anna Claessen and Friðrik Agni . They offer all kinds of entertainment for different occasions. They appear at parties, festivals, weddings, birthdays, etc. They mainly use dance as entertainment but they perform and teach at the same time. The dance styles they show and teach are very diverse and they always adapt to the occasion. They usually use dances like Zumba and Jallabina which are easy and fun dances that suit everyone!

Happy Studio started as Dans og Kúltúr  and has  organized 3 trips abroad and regular Dance Parties at Hard Rock. In addition, they teach Zumba and Jallabina in World Class,  Kramhúsið and Dans og Jóga

They support charity.  Happy Studio has held numerous dance classes to support good causes (including  Autism, Cancer and Unicef) and often invite organizations to raise money with their events. 

Anna and Friðrik also work as coaches, encouraging people to live their best life.  Anna is a personal trainer and coach that specializes in Burnout.

Happy studio is your happy place, a place to improve your physical and mental health. 

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