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Friðrik Agni

"Be your own inspiration"


My name is Friðrik Agni. I have an MA degree in Cultural Management and a BA degree in Artistic Management and have worked as a project and event manager in recent years at Reykjavík Art Festival, Hitt Húsið and Kópavogur Library. Based on that experience, I can offer advice on events and manage large-scale events. I have been dancing since the age of four and am teaching group lessons in Happy Studio, World Class and Kramhúsið. I have lived in Australia, Italy, Sweden and Dubai and have gained a lot of experience working with different people. Well-being, joy and dreams are words that speak strongly to me and I always want to do my best to feel good every day. In this way, I also want to help others, whether it is through lectures, individual counseling or courses.


I am licensed as an NLP Life Coach (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Happiness Coach (Happiness Coach). With that knowledge, along with my own experience, I offer a guide where we try to understand together how we think and experience the world and how we can possibly change our own mindset and habits to have more joy and success in life. Want to know more? Email me

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