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Burnout to a better life online course

  Experiencing memory loss? Always tired and exhausted with no desire for anything.Always working?You deserve a good life!
It shouldn't be like this. 

In this course we cover everything that could help with burnout, get rid of energy drains and get energized, discomfort to well-being, better relationships, to supplements and other tools that can help along the way.You take this in your own time!

Included is access to the course, facebook group and workbook.All this for only 19,900 ISK.


Work is not worth killing yourself over.

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Anna Claessen

"I wanted to die, I did not want to kill myself but I did not want to live like this anymore. I was suffering from burnout"

Through her burnout, Anna discovered many ways of healing and wants to share her knowledge. 

Coaching, personal training, hypnosis, tone healing. Lots of tools to help with burnout

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See lecture   (04:42)
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Education and courses:
- DBT, Gestalt, Zumbini, Yin Yoga 2022
- Hot Yoga Teacher Training and Body Reroll 2021
- Happiness, Co-dependency, and Relationship Coaching 2021
- World Class Personal Trainer Training 2020
- Absolute Training Teacher Training 2020
- Yoga Nidra Teacher Training 2020
- NLP, HAM (CBT) and RTT Therapy Hypnosis 2020
- NBI, Reiki and Gong Music Healing 2019
- Coaching from Coach U 2018
- Dale Carnegie, Optimized Performance, I Love Myself, Codependency Courses.


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"I definitely recommend Anna as a coach.
After only two times, she managed to dig up dreams that I had long ago put aside because I did not believe I could do them. She made me believe in myself and put down the pessimistic voices in my head and I am now working towards making those dreams come true. Instead of thinking I can not do this, I think why  not?

 Thanks “
Þórdís Hermannsdóttir

"I could not have had a better coach than Anna. I feel a big difference physically as well as mentally and taking the mental side into account is something I find very important in a coach. Anna went over all the equipment with me and we found good exercises and stretches that suited me perfectly. I have been struggling with depression and social anxiety for a long time and I have never found a coach who showed as much understanding as Anna did. She had a lot of faith in me and I felt what she wanted to do to make me successful and to feel good about myself. I felt I could trust her and I therefore feel I have achieved even better results than I expected and also in such a short time.  "G.R. Strom

"She is sincere and has very good energy. Good at encouraging people to keep going. Very fun and inspiring. Gives you good advice and very supportive ”Úa Sóley 

"Sincere. Understanding.Fun, Positive."
Heiðrún Klara

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